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Vegetation Dalyan

The community is dominated by Mediterranean flora with Maki in Dalyan. Some of them are oak trees, Oleander, broom bushes and a bay tree. Red glass and there are trees in the woods daily. Only tree in the world are located in Turkey and Canada daily. The resin flowing from the body a fragrant resin of this tree, used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
The morphological structure of the region, climate, rich vegetation and animal species are common. All kinds of reptiles, mammals and birds.
Giant turtles Iztuzu Beach (caretta caretta), and became world famous. One end of the beach facilities at the mouth at the other end of Iztuzu Beach Daily beach facilities.
Sizes 1-1.5 meters, weights 150 pounds that found these cute animals, and go to the beach, use his back legs are opening and the various pits and are returning to sea, leaving the eggs that are most appropriate.

Dalyan mud baths

Dalyan and Köyceğiz sultaniye lives on the border of the county on the opposite shore of the channel from many parts of the village comes from the hot spring water.

Dalyan rock tombs

Most magnificent of all the tombs in the Lycian city in the lagoon you'll see. The rock tombs standing against the harshness of nature for thousands of years the secrets of the past will carry you.
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